2.5 Good


I saw Salaam-e-Ishq. Its a well made and executed potrayal of every possible cliche hindi cinema has seen in the name of love, but watchable still. I loved the govinda track and Shanon Eshrechowitz,the american actress opposite him is a thorough natural and makes your heart melt everytime she is on screen. The Sohail Khan- Isha Kopikar is totally crass and mass oriented but I enjoyed it nonetheless :) Priyanka tries to pull off a Kareena Kapoor, but ends up hamming all the way (even if Kareena is criticized for such roles, no one can do them like she does). Anyways, Priyanka-Salman track is completely lifeless. John and Vidya look every bit the very much in love, young married couple and I hate to admit this, but I actually liked John's performance in a film for the first time. He has never before been able to potray any kind of sensitivity in his body language, and he looks cute ;) Finally coming to the real star of the film- Akhaye khanna. He has given one of his most accomplished performances ever. His role was such, that he could have easily tread towards the much dreaded path of over-acting. But he performs his role with such elan that after a long time a performance wants you to clap in the Theatre auditorium :) Ayesha Takia looks pretty but thats about it, she doesnt have much of a role. Anil Kapoor and Juhi Chawla shine in an otherwise cliched storyline and the new girl who plays the third angle, I think her name is Anjana, oozes confidence and sensuality, both of which are quite welcome.

I had some basic problems with the film though.

About Priyanka's character- why does a woman have to chose between love and career...why cant she have them both????

About Ayesha- Even after her fiance publically humiliates a woman and shows that he is an MCP, why does she decide to go ahead with the wedding????

Otherwise the film also needs to be edited a LOT, especially the salman priyanka portion, also the song 'Tenu leke main' which was basically a 5 minute ridiculously stupid proposal sequence needs to be chopped off right away.

Still the movie is definitely watchable:)