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*Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video*
Just completed watching this Film on Netflix.
The story revolves around *Sajini Shinde (Radhika Madan), a physics teacher* whose party video goes viral, causing embarrassment to her colleagues, friends and relatives.
As a teacher, Sajini was expected not to have a life beyond the classroom. And if she did, her actions would be investigate by moral policing, and she will become a victim of slut-shaming.
A life of a brilliant teacher was lost just because of a viral video where she was seen dancing and celebrating her birthday.
*Today's youth has accepted social media as their life.* Often we keep facing news like someone's video going viral or MMS getting leaked. The story of 'Sajni Shinde Ka Viral Video' also talks about a girl whose MMS has been leaked.
All Sajini needed was a support system, but unfortunately, she had no one. Coming from a reputed family, her world crashed when the video went viral. Everyone around her blamed her and questioned her integrity, and she was left to believe that she did not deserve to continue living her life.
This film reminded a similar incident of August 2022, a professor from the prestigious St. Xavier’s College was forced to resign over bikini pictures that were taken from her private social media account and circulated within the student community. Instead of opening a dialogue with the students, the college decided her to moral policing.
This incident could have been an important lesson in the students' lives, but instead, what they learned was how easy it is to blame and shame women.
Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video questions the hypocrisy of individuals who expect women to be a perfect blend of traditional and modern.
*An attempt has been made to convey a message through the film that suicide cannot be the solution to any problem, life is very beautiful.*