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Sabse Bada Be-Imaan Movie Review

Sabse Bada Be-Imaan Movie Rating

Picture this: The producer of SABSE BADA BE-IMAAN walks into my office and confidently tells me that his film is sure to bring Mithun Chakraborty back in the running. Blah, blah, blah? he goes on endlessly. After much persuasion from his side, I gather courage to see SABSE BADA BE-IMAAN.

The outcome: My blood pressure shoots up as the reels unfold. After a nightmare last week (HUM TO MOHABBAT KAREGA), I am subjected to a nightmare again. Imagine, wasting three hours of your life over such insignificant films!

Vijay Films Syndicate's SABSE BADA BE-IMAAN revolves around Arjun (Mithun Chakraborty), an autorikshaw driver, and Vishal (Manek Bedi), a cop. Though a police officer, Vishal is a corrupt man who takes bribes from all criminals. On the other hand, Arjun is a simpleton who fights for justice. But after drinks, both Arjun and Vishal's personalities undergo a drastic change. The beimaan becomes imaandaar and the imaandaar becomes beimaan.

The story takes a turn when Arjun and Vishal become staunch enemies. Vishal sides Jaswant Rai, a crook, while Arjun stands against him. But in the end, both Arjun and Vishal join hands to combat the evil forces.

The film has an oft-repeated plot and offers nothing fresh in terms of its content. Director Imran Khalid's treatment is poor, not elevating the script at all. The film goes on and on, every character screaming his lungs out. In the end, you have had enough of this comeback venture of sorts.

Mithun Chakraborty looks jaded and least interested in the goings-on. Manek Bedi tries hard but doesn't succeed. Sadhika is wooden. Laxmikant Berde, Kiran Kumar and Mohan Joshi are repetitive. Music (Gulam Ali) is another drawback. None of the songs hold any appeal whatsoever.

To sum up, SABSE BADA BE-IMAAN is an absolute no-no for anyone wanting to kill three hours!

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Picture this: The producer of SABSE BADA BE-IMAAN walks into my office and confidently tells me…

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