3.5 Very Good


Saawariya -- A perfect Theatrical presentation, with flawless presentation of the "White Nights" on the 'blue canvas'. If you owe a taste of such presentations with the topping of melodious music, take a shot! Please don't see this movie on 'DVD' as the appreciation really lies on the big screen. SLB took a shot at presenting a story 'beyond life', where all the sets, characters, events seems weaved in a dreamland. Personally, hats off to SLB for utilising the blue canvas exceptionally well thru out the movie. The characters of Ranvir and Sonam Kapoor seems so common, yet they represent dreams, that are not hard to see and realize. Ranvir has a good tone modulation for his dialogues but lacks the expression that goes with the moment, sometimes. That's considerable as a beginner. He attempted shots of act previews from Sashi Kapoor, Raj Kapoor, Shammi and his father, Rishi. Sonam's laugh is infectious and complemented well to Ranvir's short-comings as a team contribution to the script. Rani, Salman pulled up the seasonned performances, as expected.
I would recommed this movie to a friend, but conditionally he should have patience and taste for theatrical scripts and performances. Otherwise, its a waste of your time and the Saawariya's team's effort.