3.5 Very Good


Favourite song: Thode Badmash. Beautiful composition. Was disappointed with the album at the beginning but it definitely grows on you. The thing with SLB's music is that all the songs are situational. And the music only gets elevated when it's seen with the visuals. The feelings-sorrow, happiness, all of it is associated with the movie. So one should only judge the music of this film after watching it.

My favourites
1. thode badmash: Shreya has sung it beautifully.
2. Daras bina: love the 2nd half which is spiritual and almost reminds you of the old 50s/60s music with a classical touch.
3. Saawariya Reprise is quite good. There's one bit where the singer Shailendar goes really high. Very tough to sing along to.
4. Sawar Gayi- lovely
5. Masha Allah- only Shreyas alaps are soulful

The other songs also grow on you with every listen. However, I would really like to watch the movie to assess the overall impact of the album.