4 Very Good


Well i have to say i totally disagree with the original reviewer. It saddens me when the judgement passed is clearly based on not individual preference yet more to what "the masses" would want. I will say this in years to come this album will be remembered in the same vain as your 1942s, Karz and other of its ike. Oh message to the person who thought Hey Baby was ace, NOooooo.

All songs are well presented and flow like 5* meal. Hence the album is split into 3 stages starter, main course and desert. the first coupple of songs are great, and for me the second song Jab se tere nahina, great lyric and shaan has done a great job singing. I'm not going to go overborard and rant and rave about the other songs as i said they all fit toether beautifully to form a great piece. Great start for Monty, defetnitaly 4 maybe 4 1/2*.
Ignore the masses and sit back press play and just enjoy the melodies.

Final thought the only other albums i would even consider this year are Om shanti Om and Bhol Bhuliya, oh and awarapaan. Been a dry year for movies and music