2.5 Good

Rocky – The Rebel

I saw Rocky - The Rebel a while back. I thought Zayed Khan enacted his role quite good. The script itself didn't allow him to display his talent but nonetheless, he put his best foot forward. As for the leading ladies, Isha Sharwani and Minnisha Lambha didn't have much scope and they both turned out to be mediocre. Overall, I honestly thought this movie REALLY had a good message to it. For example, people these days in society just walk away when they see a crime being enforced to an innocent human. What if every individual on the face of this earth had backed each other up. This world would definitely be a better place. At first, Zayed Khan's father disagreed with the actions Zayed was committing and told him to stop. Zayed did stop after his lady love in the film died and he let every crime occur in front of him, until.... his own mother and father were being abused right in front of his two eyes. His father was pleading for Rocky to help. Rocky tells his father this is why he was fighting as a rebel. Soon enough, Rocky rocks the world when he puts his "rebel" image back on and takes revenge against Rajat Bedi for the death of his girlfriend.