0.5 Poor

Rocky – The Rebel

I walked into the cinema hall having almost no expectations from this Zayed Khan starrer.........unfortunately, even the little expectations I had from the movie could not be fullfilled.Walking into the cinema hall and seeing it 99% empty was a sure fire shot of understanding how TERRIBLE the movie realy was. But, having already bought the tickets, we decide to stick around and understand exactly why this movie would be so bad .

A typical Bollywood trash, Rocky is a mishmash of several Bollywood poboliers made in 1980s and 1970s . However, the story may have appealed to the jaded audiences, but when made today, it holds scant novelty purely because there has been an overdose of such flicks in Bollywood and ONE which lacks in face value, is an absolute no-no.

The director has taken too many cinematic liberties.The film makes little or no sense. Likewise, the sudden romance between Zayed and Minisha takes you by surprise.

To be honest, the story hardly moves in the first half. The viewer is subjected to the same old stuff that he has witnessed since time immemorial. Dialogues are strictly okay. Cinematography is FUNCTIONAL.

Himesh Reshammiya's music is just okay.

Zayed looks ill at ease in a role that demands histrionics. At times disinterested, at times not too expressive, Esha Sherwani just doesn't convince. Minisha Lamba does her small part well .Suresh Menon irritates.

A supreme disaster .

rating 0/5