3.5 Very Good


Ranbir is a Rockstar….Imtiyaz fell a “little” short to be one.

I have always loved imtiyaz’s work because of his capability to present very simple things of one’s love-life in an equally simple way. His screenplay speaks over his script while his script speaks over his plot……..But Rockstar had the reverse order in that respect and the simple things were made complex this time

Before I put my view forward for Rockstar….I would like to express that it is not a bad movie. I liked it and I appreciate my spending this weekend. The technical part is a subject of criticism but the soul of the movie will surely make my belief stronger that Imtiyaz knows the psyche of people in Love. The types of love story he has written, he has an eye for real romance and not cinematic romance.

Coming on to the Rockstar Project, the protagonist stands out. Ranbir can take 40% (majority) credit of making this project successful. He absorbed the script perfectly and was truly a character for 3 hours. He maintained the right body language to present the psyche of a person carrying pain in heart and meaningful songs on lips. The rest 60% can be distributed amongst Rehman, Mohit Chauhan and Imtiyaaz as 25, 25 and 10 percent respectively.

The musical score gels well with the feel of the movie and catch your liking only when it is alongside the visuals. Prima facie it is not the one which will last longer in the “audio play-list” of Rehman’s fans. Musical arrangement in “Sheher Mein” and “Hawa Hawa” is innovative. It used to happen for Sonu Nigam in the past that Vocals attract more in comparison to music and this time it was Mohit Chauhan to create that magic. His vocals were excellent and he was one of the major contributor in keeping the soul of the movie in place.

Imtiyaz’s direction was ought to be good but his screenplay was complex or disordered. To establish the plot of love happening between Jordan and Heer, he repeated the scenes. In every 15 minutes one can see Jordan fighting with the press and police, while in the second half the characters meet and depart thrice, also Heer’s interest in hanging around with Janardhan came a little quickly, it could have been given more frames. As a director, he was successful in driving the desired level of acting from new actors except Nargis Fakhri. Her expressions were not moving with the mood of the situations and she was really acting rather than being natural. Her moves were very much dramatised. This was again a reason why in spite of Imtiyaz’s romantic intelligence the chemistry between Ranbir and Nargis was poor in comparison to his previous "couple portraits" like Saif-Deepika, Abhay-Ayesha and Shahid-Kareena. Khumud Mishra as “Khatana” is a person to look out for. He supported the character confidently. Rest of the characters including Shammi saheb went well in their limited presence.

The departments which are rank holders – Costume designing, Music & Lyrics, cinematography, dialogues and art while the departments which could have been better – Editing and Screen play

One must be satisfied this weekend after watching fictitious things (Ra One) last weekend. Although you may also find the presentation complex but don’t move out of the hall until the lights are put on, as a "line" after credits will address the feel of the story and should foster it in those who might feel cheated on the presentation.

So I give 3 to everything in the movie and 0.5 to this line “Away..... beyond all concepts of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field ...... I will meet u there” to make it 3.5 for much awaited Rockstar.

Ashish :)