5 Excellent


Shankar's "Robot" is a truly scintillating sci-fi experience from India has to see by an every Indian ;`)

Definitely the movie had surpassed all our imaginations in terms of every department from Art direction, Cinematography, Stunt Direction, VFX, Screenplay, Music, Choreography, Slick Editing, Awe-spiring Background Score & Fantastic Narration / Direction.

Its 3 hour long roller-coaster ride which has every mix of an Indian movie flavor sprinkled all over the movie. From the start till it ends, this movie had driven me and many towards Crazy .., Everyone was wondering how they made it ..,

Especially Some of the Best Scenes from the movie not to be missed at all

1) Robot attracts the weapons of Gunda's and pose like Goddess Kali, got goosebumps

2) During ARDA Stage 1 Approval when Danny takes over the test sequence

3) Final Climax Scene, truly magical !!!

4) Terrific & picturesque locales during the song Sequence "Kilimanjaro" & "Pagal Anukan"

5) A Sequence where Robot tries to figure out the good guy among the rest, Awesome trick !!

AR Rahman Songs are superb on scree, background score drives and add more peppy feel to the movie. Especially for the bad guy

Cinematographer Ratnavelu .., superb job !!

Art Director Sabu Cryil .., You r the best !!!

Shankar the Captain, you really deserve all the very big honours in the coming days !!

Aishwarya Rai Bachhan you look stunning beautiful & acted well

Super Star Rajnikanth, he is real legend and awesome !! .. Running short of words

All the Best to Robot Team

This movie is Real Adventure and Worth every single penny what you spent on this movie ;`)