0.5 Poor

The Sholay in Ramu Style, if we don't think its as the remake of Sholay, its work? And if we consider it as the remake of Sholay? Not at all, its one of the worst movie of the year.
The only actor who stand out is AB. Sushmita Sen is average while Ajay Devgan failed to play the role of Heero. He infect doesn't suit to the role. The Babban role is also challenging but I truly say, Amjad Khan is better than AB. Raj and Mohanlal are fair. Nisha Kothari is perfect but she haven't to be so Bold. The cherography is the worst ever I seen but Mehebooba is exceptionnel.

Other actor are not also hype to the exceptions.

Music is really Harsh on ear. Not really the songs that we can remember for long time. Urmila is the best part of the film.