4.5 Excellent

Rakht Charitra – 2

Excellently Crafted film is what can be said about Rakht Charita-2.
Really it is better than the first parts in many aspects like the screenplay,the added advantage is of course Surya who is the protagonist here rather than Vivek Oberoi.
I enjoyed the film a lot as liked the first part as well.Fantastically directed film.
What ever the fate of the film may be but RGV has shown second time that he is the master of the Camerawork and extracting the best performances from whatever actors he is allotted with.
The USP's of the film are as under.

1) Surya who is above all the characters in the film
2) Vivek Oberoi
3) Magnificent direction and camerawork.

Overall the viewing experience is better if you have not watched the first part and its the best if you have seen the first part.

A big THUMBS UPP!!!!!!