5 Excellent


Expectation: Huge..as in Earth Shattering! Its Mani Ratnam dude! So wt do you expect except best?? :)

Is it fulfill your expectations? NO! It gives you more than you expect! This is an outstanding movie! Breathtaking acting, Breath taking scenes, Breathtaking music, Breathtaking story!! Everything is connected together together to deliver an outstanding masterpiece.

I am not going to explain one by one because I will have to use the word “outstanding” for each and every segment. So I will just say This is an outstanding movie in all aspects! Forget what you have to do, go and watch Raavan instead!!
But this is a flop in India. Why? There is a reason. Once you hear the name “Raavan”, the same old epic comes up into mind right? So every Indian is watching the movie with that epic in their mind. Raavan is a evil king according to them who knows nothing about love, caring..etc Rama is the pure white character (I don’t personally believe this Rama-Raavan epic. I believe Raavan is the farther of our nation and that epic is some made-up by Indians).
But here the story has collapsed! Rama is not a white character as they thought. And Raavan is not a bad guy either. So the Indians are furious because the great epic is changed!
They don’t care about the movie or music or what so ever. Their great old epic is collapsed! So they don’t like this movie (most of them)

When talking about acting; Abhishek is too good! Aishwarya is also doing a superb job. Vikram and Govinda are OK. Ravi Kishan is superb.

At the end, Raavan is an outstanding movie with no minus points! A must watch!

Rating: 9.5/10

USP: Everything!