1 Poor


Raavan is a huge disappointment. Mr. Taran Adarsh has it right. Abhishek thinks making faces and acting "mad" will hit the spot, but he comes off looking confused. In fact after Guru this is not only one step down but several steps down. Aishwarya is way over rated and this movie shows how. She screams and then she cries, she screams and then she cries. When she's done with that she confuses the audience as to what she really thinks and what her motives are. On the plus side she looks good but looks will only get you so far. Vikram plays it straight up and actually comes off decent. Problem is you don't know whether he is decent or the people around him are so bad the he "looks" decent by default. Govinda is wasted and god knows why he accepted such a useles role. Ravi Kishan as Abhishek/Raavan's sidekick is okay. The music is good and technically the movie is quite good (cinematography and so forth). But no matter how good it is technically the movie is pulled down with an over simplistic plot that is stretched until to the max. Mani Ratnam needs to take a break. Its hard to imagince that this movie is from the same man that gave Guru. Abhishek needs to start acting and rely less on making expressions. Aishwarya should just quit flat out. She looks awesome but her last good performance was in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and unless Mr. Bhansali can save her again in the upcoming Guzaarish she should just make way for more talented good looking actresses like Katrina Kaif. 1/5