4.5 Excellent

Though a trivial late neverthless my take on Ranjhana - A brilliant take on the oft repeated,beaten subject "luv" Rmember SRK in kabhi haan kabhi naa (station scene)...mixed sensebilities aka (ek duje ke liye)of a tam guy in banaras which takes care of the dialect issue...ode to (rang de basanti) political overtures,student politics nd lastly the "master touch" of anand rai...taut nd pulsating twi...sts in the screen play.BTW even Delhi 6 as ArR rips his earlier Rehnat tu in one of the BG scores.

While the likes of big critics have rated this as a 3 to 3.5*.I would give it a 4.5*. YJHD has reached 200cr...while this movie might manage a measly 50 cr.But "well made",realistic, dil se (it flopped but was a brilliant effort)cinema never rakes in the moolah...guess the likes of AK,Raghavans,pandeys of the noir world would agree. To cut this short YJHD holi shots of balam pichkari vs R- grandeur vs classic touch.phew KJo manages it so well dudes!

Dhanush is a scene stealer (Seen it all in tam movies),the boy next door charms his way through(Shocking to bollywood-no muscles,dark,puny and rugged looks).Watch him nd enjoi the "Dhan a dhan experience".
Sonam is a revealation.Clap Clap. Abhay deol mwaah looks stunning nd exudes confidence.Zeeshan nd Swara hold the fim together-Stunning performances

Go and Soak in this rollercoaster ride(ignore the cliched part in the 2nd half leader wali.parts)...cherish the innocence,love,rage,betrayal and sacrifice wali emotions.Kudos to the dialogues guy-cheesy nd fatafati

Lastly kolaveri di wasnt a fluke...watch the video of a song from Adukalam movie- Yaathe Yaathe.U will have a reason to watch the superstars son in law.

BTW "big guys" wrote about being anti feministic,characters shown as confused---hey cocktail,luv aajkal...most of YRF.,KJ movies have been the same tooo."sab mile hue hain" -hypocricy is our way of life...

Hey Ranjha...dil ko chu lees re.