3 Good


CAUTION: The movie is heavily inspired from the Hollywood movie TERMINATOR. You will like the movie only and only if you have liking for sci-fi movies. RA-ONE ie. random access version one. This is the name of the video game that Sharukh is developing for the company he works in, in which the villain should be more powerful than the hero, only because srk's son wants it that way. Though, SRK is initially reluctant as he feels that would give a message to children that "evil wins in the end" but eventually agrees. The game in itself is very high-fi which copies human action and then transfers those movements to characters on screen.
SRK's son tries the game after completion and is unable to quit in between because the villain ie Ra one tells the hero that you can't quit without defeating him. All hell break loose when the game itself starts behaving like a human.(as the game catches human frequencies!!!) Ra one promises that he will come out of the game and kill the hero(son). From there onwards it's all the fight between good and evil. Whether ra one will get defeated in the end is the movie all about. Kareena looks unfit for the role. She acts in a flimsy manner. Shahrukh as always lend great appeal to whatever he does. He looks good as father. Though the movie is not as bad as it has been made out to be, but the story part is definitely somewhat weak and that prevents the movie from becoming being great.
Shahrukh should be absolutely praised for the brave attempt by making this movie and especially the special effects which are absolutely at par with the finest in Hollywood and are truly lovely.
Not to forget, the child actor has also performed so finely in the movie. Overall, what prevents the movie from becoming great is poor script and poor handling of emotional sequences by the director. They don't move you as they should have been.
This movie is only for people who understand and like sci-fi cinema. Uncle and Aunties used to the saas bahu stuff will find the movie as rocket science and then sadly say "yeh to bachhon ke liye hain ji". For everone else Just go and watch it once at least for the brave attempt by SRK and Anubhav Sinha to do something different, although extremely inspired from Hollywood.