2.5 Good

Quick Gun Murugun

Well, when Aamir Khan recommends a movie, it has to be good watch. Watch we did, so did we like the movie? Hell yeah, we definitely did. For a change, a movie doesn’t actually require you to leave your brain at home, and for a change the dialogues are intelligent in a comedy! Read on
Quickgun Murugun Review

Why Quickgun Murugun works

* The film is very innovative and different, almost comic book like.
* The dialogues are funny yet very intelligent.
* Its the director’s tribute to the over-the-top era of the 70s and 80s. Its basically an extended version of Shahrukh Khan’s Rajnikant-like act in Om Shanti Om or Dhoni’s pepsi ad.
* Not for a moment does the movie bore. Funny characters, vibrant colors, terrific performances, blood, gore et al the film ensures your hooked to your seats throughout.
* Director Shashanka Ghosh’s direction is spot on.
* Dr Rajendra Prasad is perfect for the role. Can’t imagine any Bollywood actor pulling it off with such brilliance.
* Nasser as Rice Plate Reddy, the villiant, is fantastic.
* Rambha does well too, nice to see her back. Remember her act with Salman Khan in Judwa?
* The rest including Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey in short roles do well.
* Background music plays a key role in enhancing the QUickgun experience.

What didn’t quite work for Quickgun Murugun

* Excessive use of Tamil language, although with subtitles.. Doesn’t work too well.
* The film is more violent than expected. There is a good amount of blood and gore in this.

Overall, Quickgun Murugun is a must-watch. Watch it, to experience something different, something so delicious, that you can’t help but go for a second serving. I would watch it again!