3 Good

Pyaar Impossible

The First Relaxation of 2010 indeed. Trully, these kinds of movies don't run on box office. But it's a pleasure watching them. It is far better from the "Found Dulah" which is a good thing. The story is an old thing in a fresh pack but still it's cute direction makes it worth a watch.

STORY : Abhay(Uday Chopra) is a "GEEK" who loves Alisha(Priyanka Chopra) the "BEAUTY" one day comes in belief that His Pyaar is Impossible when Alisha is taken home forcefully. 7 years later, Abhay creates his most important creation "Unity" by which he wants to become a big man. But it is stollen by Siddharth(Dino Morea) later. Now Abhay goes to Singapore to get his creayion back, but he comes to know that Siddharth who has changed himself into Varun has already sold it to Pinnacle Softwares naming it "Unify". Here he meets Alisha again who is now a divorced mom. Abhay is mistaken as Nanny to Alisha and stays mistaken. He slowly tries to win the heart of Alisha and get back his creation. From here starts the story which stops in an Happy Ending.

PERFORMANCES : As usual, Priyanka Chopra is fantastic in her role. Uday first time is good and mostly Adorable. His GEEKature really suits him.

DIRECTION : As an unmatured story, direction is fine and very cute. Nothing more to say about.

VERDICT : It's worth at least one watch. Surely it is very cute in all the way. At last it can be said, Pyaar Impossible is All Right in its place. Good Job!

Acting - 6/10
Direction - 5/10
Music - 7/10
Screenplay - 5/10
Technique - 5/10