4 Very Good


Fantasy genre is something which is not the routine genre in Tamil film industry, but as they say, when superstars try something, it becomes a trend. Same happens with my favourite Vijay starrer PULI, a film with a grand look, big budget, and of course, Vijay-style entertainment. How, let's analyze.

PULI is a fantasy film. No doubt. Vijay's first fantasy film as well. No doubt. So what? Of course, it's entertaining. From the very first scene itself, the film manages to hold the viewer, along with providing pure entertainment. Although its Vijay's "first time in fantasy" film, yet his performance makes one feel as if he had been an expert with the genre since long. Shruti Hassan and Hansika have the same roles of regular heroines, yet they play their respective parts well. The other cast including Prabhu, Sathyan, Sudeep etc are all well and perfect.

The music is good in Tamil, but since I have watched it in Hindi, I feel that at few places, it's the dubbing that acts as a spoilsport for the film. The beats in the music, surely keep you entertained, but sometimes, you feel as if one or two songs were chopped off from the film, since they occur a little untimely, and the dubbing for the songs isn't completely perfect except a few places.

The film's pace is good. Editing is razor sharp and there isn't any scene of boredom at all. The story and the screenplay are just simply amazing. Director Chimbu Deven has managed to create a perfect action packed fantasy entertainer that is worth watching and loving.

Coming to the technical aspects, the film is worth praise. The film's VFX looks realistic to a great extent, and is so perfectly rendered that you hardly feel that it's shot by the graphics. The action scenes are truly amazing and one of the biggest strengths of this film. The sound effects, especially in the slow motion action scenes are so good that I wish if I had got a chance to watch it in Dolby Atmos, I would have been truly happy. The costumes of every single character is beautiful and the shots of the kingdom from top angles are one of the best parts of the film.

Although there are some mild flaws in PULI, those flaws can be ignored. When it released, I read many reviews on the internet, and almost every review criticised the film. It is a human nature that by reading the negative reviews, people form a negative opinion of the film, sometimes even without watching it. But when I realised that many great films have been panned by critics and I have always liked them, then why care for the reviews. I have always liked Vijay's films, and after watching this film, I can confidently say that this film is an entertainer not only for Vijay's fans, but for every Indian viewer.

Overall, PULI is a full on entertainer with loads of "Vijayism", energy, entertainment and whatever is required for making a good family entertainer. Don't miss it. Just watch it along with your family. It's a film which every Indian can be proud of.