1.5 Average


A young man travels back in time machine to a fantasy kingdom to save its queen from the tyrant commander Sudeep.Ahhhh..... So, this is a common storyline seen in Tamil movies.... Sorry VIJAY,you must try next time for the blockbuster movie.Many of VIJAY fans say that this film must get Oscar award,I like to ask to them that if they would know the value of Oscar award.This film may get a large stardom, so there will be collection but not for the story only for the stars.Chimbudevan,why have you made a cartoon movie for VIJAY. This movie can be a entertainer but it's not he success of the movie. Shruthi Hassan made a good amazing performance but she is not like the actress in the movie.VIJAY fan's comparison with Bahubaali is an utter waste.Lastly, I would say Puli is not worth for your ticket, it's a worth of your 30 rupees DVDs only.