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Zilch are the hopes from the music of Prem Kaa Game which is the revised title of the film Shaadi Ke After Effects which was completed 3 years back. An Arbaaz Khan starrer that has an obvious dated look to it, Prem Kaa Game hardy promises anything musically. Raju Khan composes; Kiran Kotrial writes the songs while Javed Akhtar is the guest lyricist.


The way title song ' Prem Kaa Game' begins; one is transported back into the era of the 90s when films of the likes of ' Dulhan Hum Le Jaayenge' and ' Kunwara' were in vogue. Along with Nishant Pandey, there is a computer generated voice (that of a child) that is heard right throughout ' Prem Kaa Game'. There is an attempt at bringing on a fun flavour to Prem Kaa Game (which is about extra marital relationships) but that doesn't quite work, courtesy the treatment of the song which is stuck in the 90s.

One can be rest assured that if ' I Wanna Fall... ' is offered to Sonu Niigaam and Sunidhi Chauhan today, they would reject it out rightly. Just think of it, how passé are the lyrics like 'I Wanna Fa Fa Fa.....', which only concludes as '....fall in love'? Though there are clear indications of what the singers are trying to convey here, the song (thankfully) takes a turn for the better by extending 'fa..' into 'fall' and even 'first'. A kind of number that would have made it to the top of the repertoire for Govinda during his 90s innings with David Dhawan, ' I Wanna Fall... ' is funny with Arbaaz Khan and Maliaka Arora coming together. However, the problem yet again lies with the fact that it is at least a decade later.

Thankfully, there is some sanity brought into the proceedings with Javed Akhtar bringing matters in his own hands and writing a love song ' Tum Hi Mere'. Ok, let's not be overexcited about hearing something extraordinary here. However, it is just that after a couple of (obvious) item numbers, it is nice to hear a love song which at least comes close to fit into today's times. Sung by Javed Ali, ' Tum Hi Mere' has a racy rhythm to it with a touch of melody, something which does come close to many a tracks made by Bhatt-Pritam combine. In fact one can almost visualise an Emraan Hashmi to be serenading his leading lady with this song.

However, this relief is only momentary with Sunidhi Chauhan returning with a solo track. A fast paced track, ' Duniya Se Jo Chaaha' isn't quite an outright reject but doesn't carry enough ammunition also to find a place amongst a music lover's collection. A number with the message of 'Hey, look at me, I am just the one for you', ' Duniya Se Jo Chaaha' may well work with the galleries if given a sensual treatment.

After Sunidhi Chauhan, it is the turn of Sonu Niigaam to repeat an act which belongs to the genre similar to that of ' Duniya Se Jo Chaaha'. There is a role reversal of sorts as ' Zabardast' features a male protagonist aiming at being the centre of attraction. With Sunidhi Chauhan in tow, this heard-before track aims at keeping a consistent pace right through its five minutes duration with Western arrangements helping its cause. However, one does wonder what is Vishal Dadlani doing in a song like this?

Javed Akhtar returns to the scene once again and this time it is a melodious love outing with Sonu Niigaam and Shreya Ghoshal coming together. Titled ' Magar Kuch To Hai', this is yet another song after ' Tum Hi Mere' which can be reasonably accommodated. Moving at a slow pace with a soft touch to it, courtesy the musical instruments that refrain from going aggressive with beats, ' Magar Kuch To Hai' is set in a Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy mode. Not bad actually!

Finally comes the number which was much in news when the film was announced years back - ' Khan Kaa Gyaan'. With Salman Khan putting on the hat of a narrator, ' Khan Kaa Gyan's is more of his story than anyone else. Now if only this song was pitched well, it could have done really well, just like the track 'Most Wanted' from his last big hit Wanted. Salman Khan goes on to introduce himself with references to ' Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyaali Ho', 'Tere Naam', 'Mujhse Shaadi Karogi' and others. Talking about the evils of marriage and giving a good account of him being happy as a single, ' Khan Kaa Gyan' comes with a good potential of being a highlight track.


Though one had believed that Prem Kaa Game would be an outright reject, there is indeed a little surprise with a song or two actually turning out to be a decent hearing. Also, if released during the mid-90s, perhaps an added number or two could have worked with the masses as well. However, a dated feel coupled with rushed release and minimal promotion would mean that this game of Prem won't quite reach the winning mark.


'Tum Hi Mere', 'Khan Kaa Gyaan'

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