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Popcorn Khao Mast Ho Jao Movie Review

Popcorn Khao Mast Ho Jao Movie Rating

Welcome to the world of Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead, the popular comic book characters.

Unfortunately, POPCORN KHAO! MAST HO JAO, the desi version of Archie's, gets so taxing after a point that you actually want to tear your hair in disgust and munch popcorn in despair.

Coming from a debutante director, POPCORN KHAO! MAST HO JAO is a notch above the ordinary in terms of technique. But technique seems to have taken precedence over content. That explains why the outcome, although skillfully executed, lacks soul. You just don't empathize with any of the characters because each one of them seem unauthentic.

POPCORN KHAO! MAST HO JAO is about three friends who together form the 'kurta' gang: The eternal dreamer Rahul [Akshay Kapoor], the dependable Tania [Tanishaa] and the happy-go-lucky Goldie [Yash Tonk].

Enters Sonia [Rashmi Nigam]. The girl with luscious lips, long curly hair and honey colored eyes is the stuff that every boy's dreams are made of? and Rahul is no different boy!

The film starts in college and travels with four characters as they set off thereafter to achieve their individual goals and realize their dreams.

Although last year's ISHQ VISHK seemed to revolve around the same four characters, the narrative was laced with interesting and entertaining moments, besides a strong dose of emotions. Unfortunately, POPCORN KHAO! MAST HO JAO had the germs to be an ideal bubblegum fare, but the writing/substance doesn't have the strength/potential to keep the viewer's interest alive.

The writing leaves a lot to be desired. There are emotional moments, yes, but the screenplay is so contrived that your heart doesn't beat for any of the characters.

First things first, what's the relevance of popcorn in the film and also in its title? If the makers are hinting that it signifies a youthful, timepass entertainer, sorry, the content is wide off the mark.

The story begins in the college campus, but those looking for adrenaline-rushing excitement are bound to be disappointed. The initial portions lack the fizz and passion.

Two, the love stories [Yash loves Tanisha, who in turn loves Akshay, who in turn seems smitten by Rashmi, who in turn is friendly to Kabir, who in turn is in love with himself!] go round and round and by the time it reaches the climax, you actually heave a sigh of relief. But, wait, the matters of heart aren't solved so easily.

The culmination to Akshay and Tanisha's love story is so long drawn that it further tests the patience of the viewer.

Even the Yash Tonk romantic track with the actress looks ridiculous. Ditto for Deepak Tijori's appearance in a get-up. It ceases to make you laugh after a point. And the announcement of a sequel in the last scene makes you wonder whether the makers are seriously going ahead with a sequel or is it a mere joke.

Debutante Kabir Sadanand has chosen the right idea for his debut vehicle [the film is targeted at the youth], but the screenplay [penned by Kabir himself] lets him down completely. In fact, the scripting is so amateurish and uninspiring that it sets you thinking as to how was it okayed in the first place.

Vishal-Shekhar's music is a major asset and in fact, the saving grace. 'Kal Se Koi', 'Dupatta Beimaan Re', 'Le Chale' and 'O Solemiya' are tracks you hum even after the screening has concluded. 'Dooriyan' is imaginatively filmed and rich lyrically. The picturization of every track is stylish. Cinematography [Manoj Soni] is excellent. The film is visually striking. Dialogues are strictly functional.

Akshay Kapoor is a bundle of talent. The debutante looks good, emotes well and dances gracefully. He has the potential to scale higher, if given right opportunities. Tanisha is much better than her debut flick [SSSSHHH...], but has an ill-defined character, which curtails her growth as an actress considerably. However, she needs to go easy on her make up.

Newcomer Rashmi Nigam looks alright, but wears one expression [that of confusion] throughout. Yash Tonk hams big time. Deepak Tijori is natural. Kabir is just okay.

On the whole, POPCORN KHAO! MAST HO JAO is a weak fare. At the box-office, the film has bleak prospects. Its chances at multiplexes - its target audiences - also seem dim.

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