4.5 Excellent


PK Review: It’s Sensational
How must it feel to look at life through really wide eyes? PK, a comedy, drama and fantasy, is the unique exploration of complex philosophies. In which a person lands in the deserts of Rajasthan from a planet that does not believe in alienating its people on their names, caste, creed, language and religion. Sounds like the preamble of our constitution, isn’t it?
The story, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, is the story of that alien, PK(played by Aamir Khan) is not his name, in fact he has no name in the movie; post his landing, his intergalactic remote gets stolen. On the way through this journey he meets a news reporter, Jaggu Sahni (played by Anushka Sharma), a plucky girl with pixie hair with an alias Jagatjanani, a name that was given to her by a film flam god man who plays the principal antagonist called Tapaswi-ji, played by Saurav Shukla and he doesn’t disappoint throughout the entire movie.
Sarfaraz Yousuf(played by Sushant Singh Rajput), a boy from Pakistan who plays the beau of Jaggu, though hasn’t an important role in the movie, but the handful of scenes that he is in including the one in the run up to the climax that ratchets up emotions and vigorously pulls the heartstrings, he gives a great account of himself. On the other hand, Sanjay Dutt who plays the role of a dramatizer, Bhairon Singh seems not too much of importance, doesn’t contribute at a big deal but from the concept of fun intending in the story, perhaps Mr. Hirani has projected him.
The story moves on with PK’s search for his intergalactic transmitter, without which he cannot return to his planet, comes to Delhi, being a stranded stranger in the city, trying to adopt the society, asks the questions that were never asked before with his unique logic, which brings catastrophic answers. There are some very powerful scenes that will make you emotional, curious, even laugh sheepishly at times. In one remarkable sequence he goes to a church and watches people offering wine, unfortunately, he tries to repeat the same inside a mosque and says, “ Lagata hai bhagwan ko nariyal paani me maza nahi aa raha tha.” You can easily guess the result. Even, in the quest after his gadget, he calls the worshipers as god’s managers, in this way incidentally he comes across the place of the pompous god invoking gas bag, Tapaswi and finds out his lost transmitter there.
Aamir who had let his secret known only to this plucky girl by believing in her to be trusted, again came to her and told her about his remote which was at an arm’s length but couldn’t get it and speaks his heart out and Jaggu promises to help him in his mission to find out his lost gadget.
As Anushka finds it very interesting to challenge Tapaswi by making PK the devil’s advocate, which is just a piece of cake for the protagonist. Here, Boman Irani who plays Jaggu’s boss has felt an ire of a trident and helps PK, finally cracking the code by puncturing the gas bag Tapaswi, and uniting Sarfaraz and Jaggu together, ultimately PK gets his lost gadget and the movie soars high as it gives a proper dose of gyaan and has shown mirror to the society with its hard hitting rationality about god, fashion, music, language, social etiquette, and self defense.
It shows the auteur of the director who also co-wrote the screenplay with his old partner from “3 idiots” Abhijat Joshi for making it what it is, with full of talkative scenes, full of humor; more importantly showing the real truth projecting the perfectionist who has become a projectionist here, is on the top of the game.
Make one more, Mr. Hirani, make a sequel and take us to the planet of the naked. We promise not to stare that hard. On the whole, Aamir Khan’s PK is a solid entertainer, that entertains the masses and classes alike, an outstanding film.