4 Very Good


Movie: Pizza Rating: 4/5

I generally don't watch horror films at all. But I had been excited for Pizza, a remake of the Tamil super hit Pizza. I had known that I might have some horror and all I needed was to watch it whenever it comes on TV, since the film originally was given A certificate, while for TV, it was recertified U/A. I sat to watch this film in HD. Believe me, I loved it and fully enjoyed watching it!

Pizza is a sure shot entertainer and a treat for thrill lovers. The storyline is pretty good and there is no single dull moment.

Coming to performances, Akshay Oberoi is quite impressive as Kunal. His performance steals the show at various places. Others were also good. Talking about the screenplay, its quite gripping and is an edge of the seat thriller. You would surely love this tasty Pizza and would wish for more, just like me.

I haven't seen the Tamil original, so I can't compare between both the films. But I would have to say that the Hindi Pizza has done a full justice to the story written by Karthik Subbaraj, the director of the Tamil original. Nevertheless, I will watch the original version soon.

On the whole, Pizza is a very delightful, crisp and entertaining film, that would entertain till you finish eating the last piece, and even after you eat it. In other words, this is a truly awesome pizza!