3.5 Very Good

Patiala House

Patiala House - It surely marks right foot ahead for both Director & Akshay. Both somewhere has lost way in their previous movies. Surely its not one of a path breaking movie but entertaining with all the quotients (emotion, Drama, Music, Acting,)

The soul of the movie surely is Rishi Kapoor & he plays his role amazingly well. He creates the Bauji effect to the core. Akshay surely has acted to the skin of the character. Post Interval the movie has interesting moments. Best moment when Akshay comes in to meet hospitalised Rishi & rishi Kapoor asks to close the door. Simply silent & amazingly powerful scene wherein no one speaks but emotes beautifully. Its not that it goes with all positive.
1. Dissapointed to see Rishi not playing the younger role. As an actor he should have challenged himself to potray the role.
2. It should have sticked to the father son & mind set change as the core of the story rather than hiding Akki's playing cricket.
3. Movie has a brilliant storyline which should have been drawn to a brilliant movie somewhere it lost.

Overall its a come-back for Nikhil Advani. He should stick to his storyline which he did perfectly in this movie & didnt get lost like he was in China Town.

Anushka - She charms up the screen with her sheer presence She is brilliant.

Puneet- the guy who played that character was amazing but half baked role.