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Overtime Music Review



There are nil expectations that one has from the music of Overtime. With absolutely nothing known about the film, a title that doesn't quite convey what exactly is the story here and a cast which mainly comprises of character artists, there aren't many hopes that one carries from the music either which has newcomers Sahil Rayyan (composer) and Arafat Mehmood (lyricist) at the helm of affairs.


In the times whenever everything from 'Chikni Chameli' to 'Imported Kamariya' to 'Halkat Jawani' is being sold, there is yet another addition in the form of 'Chhamiyya Chhamiya'. A forgettable track from the word go that tries to be 'seeti-maar' and 'chalu', it just doesn't work. Moreover Ritu Pathak and Dhaa Joshi attempt to fuse 'desi' and 'videsi' here but the results are just not enticing at all. A standard tune with lyrics that hardly capture your attention, 'Chhamiyya Chhamiya' is also let down by ordinary arrangements that were passé even two decades back.

Second track in the album further takes the album down in dumps, what with newcomer singer Swaroop going totally haywire in an absolutely tuneless song. Titled 'Shahar Mumbai Hai', it also sees composer Sahil Rayyan coming along with Aniket behind the mike and together the trio make a complete mess of the proceedings. An absolutely forgettable number which has some of the most horrendous singing that one would have evidenced in a really long time, 'Shahar Mumbai Hai' has to be heard to be believed.

No wonder, when Javed Ali is heard in 'Tuhi Awaz Hai Meri', one heaves a sigh of relief as there is some relief at the least in the proceedings. Not that the song breaks any new barriers but after two earlier that had crash-landed at the take off stage itself; composer Sahil Rayyan redeems himself to some extent with 'Tuhi Awaz Hai Meri'. Javed Ali is as silky as he is when it comes to his vocals and the slow moving romantic solo manages to hold its stance amidst all the mayhem.


If not for 'Tuhi Awaz Hai Meri' which works to some extent despite being old fashioned, there is nothing at all to be checked out in Overtime. However commercially speaking, that by itself won't really help the soundtrack cover any distance.


Tuhi Awaz Hai Meri

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