2.5 Good

Om Shanti Om

CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was such a bakwaas movie.
its such a poor imitation of KARZ
only big time SRK fans can like the movie
it was such a waste of time and money
i didnt expect such a blooper after all the hype that the movie got
the first part of the movie was still better
the second part at times at times was way too boring
n why did farah khan waste a talent like sheyash
n i dont know why some people are saying that deepika is the next big thing
i mean she didnt have anything to do in the movie other than looking good
and even with his six packs SRK looked quite in his forties
all in all a "FISHING" movie as OM KAPOOR aka SRK would say it..........