0.5 Poor

Om Shanti Om

" Please Bash OM"
Once again the jodi of Farah & Shah Rukh Khan is back. After the AWFUL & DISGUSTING "Main Hoo Na" they now come up with Om Shanti Om which surpasses even their previous blunder.
Lets begin with what Farah said in one of her interviews. She finished the screenplay of the movie in just 2 weeks. After seeing the movie I realized what she didn't even need so many days. Actually there isn't any screenplay, story, direction etc. etc.
There is just the country's SO CALLED NO. 1 STAR & his friend trying to fool the public by all their marketing gimmicks.
The film is the result of Farah's ambition to somehow potray her favourite era "70's" in her film. & for that she has the support of SRK who thinks he can get away with any rubbish which he does on screen.
The first half of the movie is set in the 70's (atleast thats what the makers claim). Whats disgusting is that instead of trying to genuinely potray those times the effort has gone into weird artificial sideburns, wigs, clothes, sets etc. In the process of paying tribute to the 70's the director (she's not fit to be one) ends up making a spoof of the entire era. Apart from a couple of light moments there is nothing to cherish about. The film drags without any plot.
The second half is even worse. Reincarnation, 6 pack abs etc. etc. all without any purpose.
I think Dard-e-Disco was only there as a result of SRK's fear of the Bod Gods like Salman & Hrithik. He just wanted to prove a point to the audience. Totally uncalled for.
One fails to understand whts going on the film. The pen-ultimate & ultimate reels of the film remind us of the great movie "Madhumati" but the way it has been used is blasphemous. You actually start laughing at whats going on.
Coming to the performances, I must say SRK leads his team with his utmost irritating over-acting. Infact over-acting is an understatement. He HAMS big time. First as the 70's junior artist & then as the 2007 brat superstar OK (Om Kapoor) he leaves no stone unturned to prove that he realy is KING (OVER-ACTING) KHAN. But I'm sure all the awards people would we waiting to give him the BEST ACTOR AWARD ONCE AGAIN.
Deepika Padukone looks stunning throughout but doesn't get much scope to act. Kirron Kher goes over the top. Arjun Rampal doesn't impress. The only person who stands out is Shreyas Talpade who gives a sincere performance.
In terms of the music Vishal-Shekhar do give couple of good songs but Deepiks Padukone's opening number as well as the climax OSO song pull down their entire work. Infact the climax song (a disgusting inspiration of Karz's song) is such a cacophony that you want to throw stones on the screen.
An out an out ridiculous film which has no head or tail.
But the sad part is all the reviewer's across the country are trying to save it by giving good comments. Its because they dont want to speak anything against any SRK starrer. That is the media game. "I'll save ur's, U save mine."
So much so that every reviewer is making all effforts to kill the other release of the week "Saawariya", which although is not a great film but is 1000 times better than OSO & atleast shows signs of sincere attempt for good cinema.
But still if the country still wants this GARBAGE to be a HIT, "So, be it."