3 Good

Om Shanti Om

Om Shanti Om is commercial and mixes all movie genres to make one HUGELY anticipated movie we have all been waiting for after the MASSIVE success of MAIN HOON NA.
The question remains is that has Farah added another winner to her shelf or did OM SHANTI OM fall flat on the floor after a whole year's worth of promotion and anticipation backing it up?
I am afraid that OSO belongs to the latter. It is not a superb example of quality cinema nor is it a complete flop. OSO emerges as an average film clinging onto good music, amazing acting and stunning visuals.
Shah Rukh Khan does what he does best; performing to the best of his ability and emerging as the original scene-stealer audiences have been lead to expect in his films. Deepika Padukone looks ravishing in the 70s half of the film but loses all glamour in the second half. However she takes on her role like an experienced actor and delivers with a tremendous performance; a performance which surely ought to be recognised by other filmmakers.
Arjun Rampal has shone in his villainous role; delivering the best performance of his career and getting you to hate him with every step he takes on the big screen.
The flaws are as follows:
Om Shanti Om is too much like Main Hoon Na in terms of casting choices. It brings nothing new and therefore the audience is scarcely surprised when they drag yesteryears' actresses such as BINDU onto the screen.
Shah Rukh's visions from his past do not convince and occur too soon; far too soon for the audience to really commit to the story and believe what his happening in front of them.
The 70s era is remarkable with the costumes, style of acting and of course the overall look. The film is handled with an expertise right til the interval where things begin to falter.
The film looks amazing with it's lavish sets, awesome visuals and cinematography and a great musical score by Vishal & Shekhar.
Overall OSO is a tiny bit disappointing and emerges as an average simply because of a disappointing climax in which you expect something BIG to happen but it stays relatively small. Uncanny resemblances between this film and Main Hoon Naa and the unconvincing re-incarnation aspect.