2 Average

No Problem

Having such an ensemble cast must prove benefit to director with their acting. Anil Kapoor shines in this film where Sanjay Dutt has a good comic timing. Akshaye has a bright presence; Sunil Shetty doesn’t create anything great though he keeps on trying. Paresh Rawal is best amongst the all because he is so much in sync and he never misses the beat. Shakti Kapoor has no substance. No scope to females but still Sushmita is too good, where Kangana’s act is irritating and Neetu is hardly in the film. Director Anees’ has a huge problem in this film that he made such a brain-dead film that challenges other madcap entertainers to cross their boundary. In this madness, the script is completely ignored and a screenplay that is hardly written. There is scene after scene but no particular plot and the proceedings get pointless and boring. Most of jokes are repeated and some falls flat on the face. You won’t mind a mindless comedy, but this one turns nowhere. In one tasteless joke, Anil’s daughter flies in air just because of catching some gas balloons. Now you can easily predict what kind of jokes this film has to show. There are some genuinely comic moments; they are few and far between. Peppered with some songs and little action, little comedy and lots of noise, “No Problem” becomes very ordinary fare at the end. Pritam’s music is strictly average and one can say this album lies in bottom if you consider his record. The climax where Gorillas appear as savers is simply stretched because it just doesn’t make you laugh. The humor is so juvenile that even a child can expect better humor. We don’t mind with slapstick jokes but if they are done convincingly. The dialogues are good at times. Performances and some jokes saves the film from being completely disaster and as far now it is at best an average film.
Review: 2/5