0.5 Poor

No Problem

Here you go with another ungreatful film director - Aneze Bazmi. How can he forget the hit music of his debut film of "No Entry" and Hit music was done by one and only - Anu Malik.
I can still remember each and evry song in this film.
Now try to remember any song of the films of Welcome and now No Problem. they will not last long and will be forgoton with no time.
There is no melody at all. All you have is just western orchestra and english lyrics.

You must accept that all films done by Pritam and Vishal Sheker has same bloody style, tune and feel to it.

Do not like these Music Directors at all.

Its Ironic that these film directors and producers do not appriciate good talent when poeple are alive and when they are gone then the whole bloody industry start cashing in by releasing there songs and even try to re aliven their composition from their old records. If you remember Madan Mohan's tunes in Veer Zara.
What a sheer hippocracy.
Wake up you film directors and make the most of from those who can deliver quality music and in my eyes Anu Malik is one versatile music directors who is sync with time and delivery any type of music with super hit history.

I do not like any song in this album.