3.5 Very Good

No One Killed Jessica

This film is work of facts and fiction which is cleared on very onset. The scene where Jessica is murdered by the accused is the best scene of the film because we know it’s a fact and we get into the pitch and go on thinking. The first half though may be long, it provides too many thrilling sequence after sequence and keeps the pace on a good slot, because we feel the proceedings very believable and very good. The second half stumbles especially in final minutes where the end comes in abrupt tune and we feel stretched about the story. But you won’t mind because it’s Rani who drives the second half on her shoulders. She plays her smart character with a great energy and puts a personality in the character she plays. The first hour belongs to Vidya and she does very well with her smooth character. Jessica’s character is very nicely crafted by Myra. The accused played by Mohammed Ayub is very good. But it’s Rajesh Sharma who excellently plays his cop character. The performances add a strong impact to the well written characters. Rajkumar Gupta manipulates the fact story in a very good manner by adding proportionate fictions to the script. Rajkumar has a potential that he displays yet again after much riveting “Aamir”. The abusive words that are frequently used, mostly by Rani’s character may be overdose though the director tries to show reality. He should have edited couple of them. Amit Trivedi’s fabulous score adds a good value to the sequences and the sentiments. The screenplay breaks down in second half but in first half it is brilliantly written taking the story to a notching level. The first hour is too lengthy and second half is too short and so the balance falls. Nonetheless, this film is a great work done with many appreciable efforts and so you must not miss this film. It is thrilling, hard-hitting and most importantly, it is damn appealing.

Review: 3.5/5