2.5 Good

No One Killed Jessica

No One Killed Jessica is the first key film of 2011. Reasons; a real life story, good marketing, presence of two of the most talented actresses of bollywood and Raj Gupta’s director’s second outing after the critically acclaimed “Amir”. But sadly it disappoints.
The film is based on the 1999’s shocking incident of the murder of a Model/Actress in Dehli by the son of a politician. Raj Gupta has again chosen a real life story to present on celluloid but this time let us down with a boring and unnecessary stretched film.
The film opens up with the energetic and upbeat D..D..D..Dilli Dilli which is followed by some attention-grabbing and thrilling scenes but after 30-40 minutes the film starts to lose the interest and grip. At the interval viewer is expecting to get the balance shifted towards Rani for a better second half but the way Rani got interested in the case all of a sudden, exterminate any other expectations form the film. Though the second half has lot of interesting sequences but here the writer and director seems in a rush. I wish they could have been handled in a better way. A long first half with not much to present and a short second half with a lot of happening make the film unbalanced.
Story and Screenplay stick to the plot and thankfully there are no needless sub-plots or characters. Use of expletives doesn’t serve any purpose. The film could have done the same without them. Cinematography is alright. Use of the camera to make the viewer feel he is present in the scene is good but the extreme close-ups are annoying. Editing is ok. Ideally the film could have been trimmed by 15-20 minutes. Music is good especially Amir Trivedi give’s the music that special “Dev D”s touch. Rani and Vidya play their parts brilliantly and with ease and that’s what you expect from these two. Supporting cast is good too.
Though the film runs smoothly without any hiccups, needless drama or unnecessary song and dance routines, the basic thing you need for this kind of film is to get the sympathies of the audience and this is where the movie falls short. Somehow that punch is missing in the film which provokes the viewer against corruption or social injustice.

Ratings: 2.5 out of 5