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New York

New york -john abraham -kaif-mukesh-irfan khan –

If it was not for the character of Roshan, an FBI investigator played by Irfan Khan in the most disgusting, vile and amusingly demented manner like a mannequin on auto-pilot, this could be actually watchable but then you stumble with another non-actor called Nitin Mukesh who is not fit for anything but to play a gay escort and he plays the FBI undercover cop-Amar, who has to trap the terrorists planning to blow up some high rises in New York.

Katrina Kaif is the tearsome spouse who knows her Muslim husband Sameer is on a rebound to redeem his dignity as he was victimised as a terror suspect in the aftermath of 9/11 and will only be content when he has vengefully caused harm to the evil american empire ,but she keeps it all under cover so he can abort his mission at some stage and reprise to a life of normalcy.

The themes are frustration, rage and revenge against state sponsored terrorism and fight it with individual counter -terrorism with a few well-directed sequences involving john Abraham but the rest is like a kaleidoscope gone wrong in a wrestle amongst power hungry egomaniacs.

All 3 are common friends and it is almost a love triangle with terror aspirations that evolve out of the sewers of New York and detonator bombs with plastic explosives which are shown as artefacts in a hilarious fashion almost like it is a terror catwalk.

While these Muslims indulge freely in white wine bingeing at home and abroad and plan bombing excursions in big apple ,we have racist white cops in disgusting reminders of a sequence blatantly borrowed from crash ,where matt dillon gives tandy a body search against the sv 40 .

Here the lady is the expressionless lanky kaif who looks more like a transvestite than a lady and the Muslim man watching is her illicit immigrant Muslim brother with some ludicrous name which even I cannot spell.

There is a child involved in this mess who likes pasta and baseball and is called danyal and belongs to the golden couple comprising abraham and kaif and he also is deprived of the acting genes like his illustrious mum.

The character of samir called sam is borrowed from the paki flick -khuda ke liye and is the only properly developed character but abraham cannot pull it off as the script is profoundly flawed in bringing a jumbled message home about terrorism originating from american state tyranny directed against muslims or vice versa .

This is rather a mediocre attempt at trying to deal with a subject much better handled by the pakistani movie khuda ke liye and irfan khan has proved he can pull a movie down with his over acted ugly profile that can become an excruciating pain worst than any act of putative terrorism .

The only mystery was where they drinking sweet or dry white wine and how come they came up with names like samir ,umaer and maya -not to mention alziagi or some such mumbo jumbo .

So far, they have made one watchable movie this year, which was raaz 2, and it looks like the dry season will run till possibly kaminey hits the screen.