3.5 Very Good

I've been looking fwd to watch this movie from the time the trailer was released. The trailer n content did seem promising, however considering it was a woman eccentric movie, i really wasn't expecting much.Little did i know it was based on true event.While watching the movie, one can definitely feel the tension and you tend to resonate with the whole situation, forgetting you're watching a movie. It was indeed an heroic act by the late neerja, hats off to her!! I have never been a fan of sonam as to me she's been a wannabe or just a fashionista.But hey i changed my mind now. Her performance was commendable. Sonam did justice to her character by bringing it alive in the movie.Shabana azmi should be applauded..she portrayed the agony of a mother n i could instantly feel the pain a mother goes through knowing her child is in danger. Must say the entire team has done a great job by documenting the tragic incident that happened back in 1986, n they took blessings from the deceased family. It's never easy making a story of a real person who lost her life, relentlessly trying to save lives of 360 hostage on-board..loved the part how she acted out fast n brilliantly under the most unusual circumstances by alerting the pilot's n also insisting on having the cabin crews to collect the passport to only hide away all the American passports..watching this movie reminded me of the recent tragedy of the missing flight of MH370 that hasn't yet gotten any closure..do watch the movie to pay tribute and respect to an untold story of a young brave heart that should be known to the world.