5 Excellent

My Name Is Khan

MNIK portrays SRK in one of the most challenging role of his life as an austistic person. Its how a a person with asperger syndrome lives his life and tries to inculcate love and affection into other's life. MNIK portrays the challenges and diifculties that have been faced by muslims and the religion of Islam all over the world, and it brings light on issues like Islam does not promote violence. its the journey of a man who travels all over the obstacles to put his word to the world that "MY NAME IS KHAN AND I AM NOT A TERRORIST". Its about a woman who has lost her only child to racial attacks and is determined to get the attackers punished. Its about the journey of a mother and her unconditional love for her lost son. Its about the love that thrives between two people and how they overcome difficult phases, fall apart and them are brought back as one happy couple. MNIK deals with issues that are justified, it promotes Humanity, the need of the hour. Karan definitely deserves kudos for coming up with such a bright and innovative story, credit goes to Shibani Bathija, screenplay writer for writing such a touching and memorable script. A must watch for evreyone.