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My Name Is Khan

Trade Publicists may be declaring 100% openings for MNIK but if it's opened 100%, it's certainly not in the country of India where it is more noise than actual box office weight at this point.

In fact My Name is Khan did not open in Maharashtra at all as scheduled till Friday afternoon. In many parts of the country, including centers such as Pune, Nasik, Bharuch etc. it *still* hasn't opened going into Saturday. After Mumbai, Pune is the biggest grossing center of Maharashtra. In Mumbai, it finally opened in only 13 halls at some multiplexes like Fun Republic in Andheri in afternoon where it got about 75% response upon opening. However the film continues to be losing as many single screen theaters and a few multiplexes in the city are still are not screening the film, affecting collections.

In interiors, the notion that a movie called 'My Name is Khan' would be getting a 80-100% response in small town India not only intuitively was always hard to believe, it happens to be flat out blatantly incorrect now also now that it's released. The typical response in single screen/smaller centers for My Name is Khan is more like 8% not 80%. For example, Tarun cinema in Durg (Chattisgarh) has no more than 8% bookings for MNIK coming up. And this can be verified immediately by calling 09329108274 or visiting. In Cinemagic in Bikaner (Rajasthan), the Friday evening collections are around 10% which is also extremely poor.

In hindi belt centers like Kanpur UP, the evening shows are going about 40%, which is poor. In Meerut (west UP) evening shows are around 25% which is very poor. Indore (MP) multiplexes are about 65% which is average. Jaipur (Rajasthan) evening shows are going around 40-50% which is average/below average.

It is true the film has opened to good collections of 80%+ in Bangalore and Hyderabad multiplexes and Delhi , but it is also true that in other extreme parts many multiplexes don't have bookings of even 30% despite not having any shiv sena there. For example Fame Highlandpark in Calcutta has no more than 30% bookings right now (Friday evening 6PM IST). And this too can be verified directly at the theater.

Overall all the publicity apart, MNIK is having an average Friday outside of 3-4 media centers where it has opened well. The film can still pick up or it can crash tomorrow even further. But its decisive indicator will be Monday. As where the bookings are good, they were similar for Kurbaan (the flop on similar theme) last November also, and Kurbaan released on massive prints before sinking away. So monday will be first major indicator as to whether the movie is a similar loser, earner or a disastrous sunk reject commercially.

source ibos