4.5 Excellent

Murder 2

Murder 2 Review is Up..

Mohits Suir's Murder 2 is all about how an Ex-Cop of Goa finds and solve a murder mystery case without getting anyones help. !!

Dont watch Murder 2 for any sexy or hot scenes your money would be wasted instead go and watch some blue film !!

Murder 2 is all about an physco Person who is killing all call girls in Goa and that to in the biggest festive season which is Christmas !!

Arjun (Emraan) is approached by a broker of call gals to find where are all call girls missing overnight !! Arjun is an Ex-cop and currently working with all bad guys like Drug Mafias etc !!

For further whether Arjun is able to find the murder mystery, Can he save any of the girls, Can he find the murderer ? To get all this answers go grab your ticket and watch the movie !!

The music is upto the mark, Emraan is at his best from the entire career, Jacquiline has nothing to do just to show and you would be really surprised by Prashant Narayanan mark my words he will snatch almost all awards for this year !!

Highly Recommended !!