3 Good

Munjya is a bright roller coaster of funny scenes which sine bright however the horror element lacks in some areas and is average in a few areas, but it should have been more. The story is about the character Munjya who is dangerous as well as sharp minded but however sounds well and funny. The story definitely is decent enough to engage while the unique part suffers in the film. The drama is also good and engaging mostly all funny. Some horror scenes also towards the middle and start which put a slight effect and rest are non-effective and look funny. Direction and screenplay are decent. Screenplay could have been much better in some parts. From some areas the film looks very silly. My overall experience with Munjya was average, the funny scenes including the voice of Munjya made my day while it fell off my expectations heavily from some parts as the script is weak from those areas. I go with 3/5 stars for Munjya for funny scenes and acting of Munjya also. Some more scenes too where there are some scary elements not all. You can have a watch its a average film for me.