3.5 Very Good

This movie is hard hitting for the unabashed blatant mentality of guys treating a girl as an object of lust and terming it as love. The abject callousness with which they outrage her modesty is chilling right to the bone to say the least.Loved the music which lets you measure the heinous crime rather than glorifying the same as most movies on the subject does.Sri Devi is brilliant with her emotional roller coaster acting as are the other cast. I thought that Akshaye Khanna was outstanding and again he shows the depth of his intense acting skills, possibly his most intense and restrained role since Dil Chahta Hai. Would have liked to see more of Nawazuddin though.The effect of the crime and some slick and smart play of words as dialogues makes this movie a compulsive watch especially for parents and teenagers alike.Move Over bulbs and lights...MOM is in control here.