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When it comes to Nagesh Kukuonoor's Mod, one pretty much expects the kind of flavour that would be there in the offering from the film's music. While it is more or less sure that the album here won't quite be eyeing huge commercial gains, one is still apprehensive around whether there would be anything at all to cheer about in this album which has music by Tapas Relia and lyrics by Mir Ali Husain.


Shivam Pathak and Shreya Ghoshal kick-start Mod with a duet 'Tu Hi Tu' which is a love song that flows smoothly and is easy on ears but at the expense of turning lazy. There isn't much in it that actually manages to catch your attention after a while and though there is an 'unplugged version' arriving later with Vijay Prakash going solo, 'Tu Hi Tu' just about manages to pass muster.

When 'Ai Meri Jaaniya' begins, it almost sounds like an extension of 'Tu Hi Tu' in terms of it's pace, setting and styling. Even the singer is the same with Shivam Pathak taking centre-stage for this love song that has been set as an unplugged number. This one is even lazier than 'Tu Hi Tu' in its presentation and sounds much longer than its four minutes duration.

By the time Shreya Ghoshal begins her rendition of 'Chand Pal Ke Hamsafar', it is quite clear that the team here was basically looking at creating the kind of music that catered to their thought process instead of thinking much about commercial gains. Shankar Mahadevan joins Shreya in this song but despite this combination, this sad song about parting ways only ends up being a sad outing in itself! Pun intended. Worse, it lasts over six minutes!

However the song that really makes you run for cover is 'Aaj Main Ho Gayi Jawaan'. For some strange reasons Raghubir Yadav is actually entrusted the responsibility of singing this 50s style song which keeps jumping moods from being Indian to Western but to no avail. While Raghubir is hardly in tune here, others like Shreya Ghoshal, Rishikesh Kamerkar, Hamsika Iyer and Ninad Kamat can't do much to save the song either. To continue the assault there is a 'remix version' added as well which only extends the misery.


Disappointing. Period.


Tu Hi Tu

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