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Mittal V/S Mittal Music Review



Honestly, one doesn't quite look forward to an 'entertaining' soundtrack from Mittal V/s Mittal. For a serious film on domestic abuse, there isn't much expected from music to begin with. A couple of situational tracks are the best that a film like this could offer but with negligible buzz preceding the release of Mittal V/s Mittal, one plays on the album half heartedly. Composer Shamir Tandon and lyricist Shabbir Ahmed come together for this film that stars Rituparna Sengupta and Rohit Roy as the central protagonists.


It's a sad start for Mittal v/s Mittal (in all senses) as Kailash Kher goes on to sing - hold your breath - a 9 minute piece. Agreed that the film deals with a serious issue but a beginning like only ensures that it would be a depressing outing in the offing. Though the lyrics suggest that the protagonist is happy about his/her life, the way Kailash Kher sings and the manner in which Shamir Tandon composes the song, it appears that 'Aao Seene Se Lag Ke' brings to fore an out and out sad situation in the film. A boring beginning to the album, there is not much respite ahead with the 'lounge version' (where Kailash Kher is supported by Sonu Kakkar) being hardly exciting as well.

A mandatory item number follows soon after but just as is the case with most such tracks belonging to this genre by Shamir Tandon, this one too hardly excited. 'Khuda Haafiz' rendered by Mauli Dave is the kind of number that one had forgotten way back in the 80s. Neither the lyrics nor the composition excite and though Shamir Tandon tries to pep up this routine track with some Western arrangements, nothing really works for this forgettable track which is repeated in a 'Club Mix' version.

Last to arrive is the title track - 'Mittal v/s Mittal' - which is basically a theme piece and tries to set a dramatic mood. Well, we would wait to hear it along with the film's narrative rather than putting it on blazing music systems.


As expected, there is nothing 'musical' about Mittal V/s Mittal. A forgettable score, it would hardly find any movement at the music stands, especially with its arrival just days before the film's release.

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