1 Poor

Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho

I am sure that director does not know the craft. He is writer himself so there is no question about difference in point of view of scenes with writer. He made the scenes dull, which could have been undoubted better. All possible issues have been stuffed in desperate way with out establishing few ones or justifying them. Director has some weird sense of showing metaphor which always went wrong ,like showing pigeon in cage on roof for showing the helplessness of protagonist but that was kept in the middle of frame so it was looking irritating. He was throughout confused that either he should approach a particular scene in humorous way or emotional way. In a scene, where Pradhan tries to collect the excreta of protagonist, it seemed that protagonist is doing his job in front of three person. Camera was put in between three persons so it was looking that they can see each other, yeah that 15 foot height was ridiculously insufficient to hide them and how they were sure that he will come here only? Pradhan always uses his SUV, Bolero for his movement but Director shown him going to Thana on a two wheeler just to show that two wheeler is also fitted with red beacon. It could have been humorous but without establishment it falls flat. Such type of attempt will make small budget film's path more difficult. Huge house like Fox Star will loose interest in future small projects. Performance wise Annu Kapoor and Om Puri are fine. Sanjay Mishra is very good. Ravi Kishan is good. Rahul Bagga as Arjun, is OK. Hrishita Bhatt as Maya, is unbalanced. An actress, who has played sister of Rahul Bagga is impressive. She reflects perfect emotions in every scene.