3 Good

My rating 3 stars only. If it shows 2.5 stars to you kindly ignore its 3 stars.
The film is a thrilling ride, but few concepts and writing needed more effort.
Not an excellent film at all or not very good just average disappoints in few parts does average in few parts.
It's okay if you like thrillers to see but I somehow felt that there could have been an improvement from parts especially in the writing.
I will explain
1. In some parts the writing adds exciting twists visible to us and in some parts goosebump but some parts it fails to impress.
2. The script is also very average even there some poor points are there.
3. It is interesting and thrilling but during the 1st half middle it can cause a massive bore and struggle.
Screenplay and direction are watchable okay.
4. I feel happy from parts and sad from parts after watching Merry Christmas at the screening held.
5. Actors performances are strong.
6. I was expecting high, but the film went way below my expectations.