4.5 Excellent

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

This is not the first time that this story has been unfolded on the silver screen. In fact, the producers did not want any of the viewers to assume that it was indeed some ground breaking plot that they had thought of, which is why they actually announced the plot through the very title of the movie.
So if it is NOT a new idea then what is good about it? First, the presence of Katrina and Imran adds such dignity and charm of eras gone by as makes the viewer part of the goings on. Katrina is not only a goddess in the looks department but also her spontaneity with comedy and her ability to emote make her a true deserver of the global success and adulation she enjoys. Imran Khan is evolving a certain style of acting which not many leading actors have had - underplaying and underacting. On celluloid, underacting is a very powerful style of acting as was proved for decades by Dilip Kumar. I also like the boy's "sharifness" and wish that he becomes the role model for today's rambunctious and arrogant youth and helps mellow them down. The movie is charming and entertaining and the pace never slackens. The music is not great but a few numbers are surely foot tapping. Had at least one song been a maga chartbuster this movie would have raked in a lot more mullah for its producers. Ali Zafar with a Punjabi lilt to his diction is a natural comedian. He has in some scenes expressions which are typical of a stand-up comedian who has broken into movies (I do not know if he ever was a stand up comedian) but that is not necessarily (at least for me) a bad thing. The three of them, it is clear from the way they look and act on screen, must have had a ball while shooting for the movie, which is what the audiences always sense and admire. It is a charming movie about normal people of our generation who have fun filled and happy lives. Final verdict - 3.75/5