3 Good

mere baap pehlle aap,the new venture of priyadar-
shan is an good affair.the concept of mere baap
pehlle aap is new,the story is well handled in
the first hour,but the second hour goes a little
haywire.the story is lacks soul in the second hour.the screenplay is average.the dialouges are
good in the first hour but okay in second hour.
the scene when paresh returns from college & con-
fronts paresh is excellent scene of the second hour.the direction is fine.akshaye khanna acts
well in the second hour.the actor is evolving
into a terrific actor.paresh rawal is a treat to
watch out for.he displays his comic scenes very
well.om puri is another highlight of the movie.
archana is okay,manoj is alright.genelia has got
meaty role in the second hour and she does well.
overall mere baap pehlle ap is a good entertainer
which will be liked by the youth as well as the