5 Excellent


When a rare commodity is available but there is no-one who can actually assess its valuability then it is really depressing. Mehbooba is a diamond, acually a kohinoor, so expensive that there are no buyers and also very few people know to appreciate its value. Love story 2050 was an overview of the future and this movie is a sneak peak to the past. One has always to remember as to what he/she was. The movie takes us back to the roots. It reminds us that however higher we fly to rest you must always come to the ground. The movie is a humble approach to remind us that in the midst of the "size zero" revolution there is someone with "size hundred" (read manisha) with a soul. Even the camera trick couldn't hide the flabby contours that reflect experience in all senses. When I saw sanjay, manisha and ajay in the screen in that particular order it looked like a hamburger in between a knife and a fork. Both eager to cut it but not eat it, the person who is scorging on this hamburger with the help of this knife and fork is someone else.