4.5 Excellent

Is this a south indian tollywood movie? seriously.. if u forget about the skin color of the actors, it is not less than a super hit hollywood movie.

Director Rajamouli is one of the very few indian directors who can play with nerves of every living human being. Simply, he is Cinema-Surgeon.

Every Character in this movie acted upto the mark.

Makkhi (House-Fly) is the Hero for the movie though nani appeared for 15min or so.

Sudeep acted great against non-existing graphical opponent.

No matter whether you are kid or adult, action-addict or love-fanatic, or you dont like movies at all., you should watch this move. You are defenitely gonna enjoy the whole 2hrs without any regrets.

When a foreigner asks you for a good indian movie, dont forget to give him/her "Makkhi" . Else makkhi will take revenge on you for sure.. (just kidding ;-) )