4 Very Good

Faraz from Karachi, Pakistan, TARAN Adarsh I read your review then i watched the film at Karachi's best theater, today is sunday with housefull included families and colledgae guls and gys are comming around to see this movies, I have shocked why you dont like this movie, there is no mistake and flaws, everthing is justified efficeintly,i always respect ur reviews which is mainly are correct but this time you are giving the wrong impression about this film, this movoie belong to family audionce, and defintly this moview will picke up in coming days...but one thing i tell you all the things are rocking in this moview scrennplay , dialouge Kareena specially and salman handles the charcter very briallantly and maturity. i want to draw attention you i watched Kabhi alvida na khena which was so unrealistic and dostana there is som much double meaning comedy and valugrty, and you give the full marks those movie which is shy to tell the story to someone. so please TARAN bhai giving good revies about good movies , Mai aur Mrs Khann is rocking in Pakaistn like Wanted.