2.5 Good

In Movie We know1) there is no any good Song,
2)Same Sports story as we have been seeing since last few years means they will be showing player was from small town, he belongs to poor family and finally his struggle.
3)We know the popularity level of football Sports is still very low among hockey, cricket
4)3 hours lengthy movie.
5)I am not blaming Ajay Devgn's sir acting but the sports which is football it's popularity level is too low in india.
6) Trailer response on youtube is very poor
Likes -Apporx 350K(Both trailer)
Views-45Million (Both Trailer)
7) India win 2 times world cup in Cricket,Olympic medal in hockey that's why movie based on hockey and cricket are Superhit or Blockbuster.
8)Many People will not able to understand the terms of football like in cricket boundry, wide Ball, no ball , Six and Fours, I am also in those type person ????